Why You Shouldn’t Go On A Juice Cleanse…..

Why you shouldn’t go on juice cleanse – according to Runners World that is. Personally as you can imagine I don’t agree with this however it is good to look at both sides of the coin.

The full article is here https://www.runnersworld.co.uk
I was the original run fat boy run in that I went from not being able to run the bath in December 2012 to running the London Marathon in April 2013 with a 4hr 34m time and then the next year 4hr 28m! On both occasions I did a juice week prior to the marathon and then ate sensible prior to the run. No pasta party for me two days prior to the race! I also made a special Marathon smoothie, recipe courtesy of Juicemaster. 
Here are the points below from the article and also my views:
  • You won’t lose weight long-term: Losing weight is a bonus on a properly designed juice cleanse and typically within a week you will lose about 5-7 pounds. Normally a whole system reboot is carried out because you may be suffering from ailments which you hope to encourage the body to heal itself from by feeding it with natural fruit and vegetable juices. You will also find that after a week your taste buds are reset so, you will not be craving that doughnut, chocolate bar or beer etc You have a different approach to your lifestyle afterwards so weight loss can easily be sustained, there are hundreds of stories out there showing incredible sustained weightloss and radical life changes. Click on our website to see some reviews.

  • You’ll feel rubbish: YEP……totally agree, but for the first few days only.

  • You’ll lose muscle: No not if it is done correctly. In a carefully controlled plan you have albeit a reduced calorie intake but you get your daily protein from plants. For example Spirulina, this is a complete protein, it has all the amino acids which are essential in building muscle. Whilst fats can come from avocados and also UDO’s Choice Oil.

  • Your not actually detoxing yourself: “Our bodies were designed to detox themselves,” says Harris-Pincus. “Our liver and kidneys already do a great job of removing waste and toxins from our bodies.” True…..and the detox word has been used to death and can mislead people, in essence we have crammed too much rubbish into our diets so the organs have been overworked and overloaded…..foods that weren’t designed to be consumed such as fast foods, foods which are manmade…..you get the picture.

  • You’ll spend a lot of money for nothing: Our juice week which includes:
  • 28 x 500 ml raw frozen juice
  • Guidelines
  • 7 x aloe vera shots
  • Welcome Letter
  • 4 x ginger shots
  • Wall Planner
  • 3 x ginger / garlic shots
  • Herbal Teas
  • 7 x wheatgrass shots
  • Raw Snacks
  • Probiotics
  • Physillium
  • Husk Supplements
  • Spirulina Supplements
  • Delivered To Your Door (UK only)
Priced at £189 I think is good value, a quote from article “Don’t start trying to get healthy by getting swindled” it isn’t getting swindled if you are getting a new lease of life.
If you are into your running then check out some recipes and also further articles that may be helpful on our website. Two powerhouses are beetroot as it gets more oxygen to the blood, whilst ginger is brilliant to help reduce inflammation within the body

Sugar Is More Addictive Than Cocaine….

Is White Refined Sugar Really More Addictive Than Cocaine.......Surely Not!!

Well in an article published back in August 2018 by the Guardian they quoted an article by the British Sports Journal written by cardiovascular research scientist James J DiNicolantonio and cardiologist James H O’Keefe together with William Wilson a physician stating that they believe sugar to be a gateway to other drugs….

Did you know that sugar has 61 names? A few years ago this was only 50 so the scientists are hard at work creating new ways to get it into our diet without us knowing it. I will post all the different names on another article later this month. In the article it is quoted that one of the opposers says “While it is true that a liking for sweet things can be habit-forming it is not addictive like opiates or cocaine,” said Sanders. “Individuals do not get withdrawal symptoms when they cut sugar intake.” I don’t this person has ever done a juice week…the withdrawal symptom’s you can get can be flu like much to like withdrawal from narcotics.

Why is sugar so bad in our food and so addictive, it is to do with what food scientists call the “Bliss Spot”. This is the perfect combination of fat, sugar and salt that gives the “buzz” we get from eating a take away pizza, bar of chocolate or demolishing a packet of chocolate digestives.
Whilst I agree that sugar is more addictive than cocaine I don’t think having a Mars Bar is going to lead to you going out and dropping some acid.
What are the similarities? 
  • They look similar, in that they are a both a white powder
  • Both have an mood altering affect
  • The same part of the pain is “lit” up with both, with dopamine being produced
  • Both are addictive wanting you to want more.
Giving up sugar is not easy, infact I think it is easier to give up cocaine as you are surrounded by sugar everywhere and it is socially acceptable, the temptation is there…I love a chocolate bar, packet of crisps or a digestive. For me the only way I can break this cycle once in the groove is too fast…such as a juice cleanse. You break the mould whilst flooding your body with nutrients and vitamins, you are giving your body a break and the results are amazing however you may experience withdrawal symptons for the first few days but this is only temporary. Would love to find out more? if so then please contact me @thegingerjuicer or info@thegingerjuicer.com

Have You Got The Guts!!!!

I was driving last week and an article came on BBC Radio 2 News about how eating a Mediterranean Diet can help you with depression……this got my attention

Here is the link BBC News Article
How cool is that, eating right can help you with your mood. Dr Camille Lasalle, who carried out the analysis with colleagues at University College London, said the evidence so far pointed to the idea that the foods we eat can make a difference in lowering our risk of depression, even though there is no solid clinical proof yet. This has been carried out over 43 studies in 8 years.
This is great to read, however, I fear there is a long way to go before conventional medicine accepts this. Prof Naveed Sattar, professor of metabolic medicine at the University of Glasgow, recommends “a heavy dose of caution”. “Whilst eating healthier is good for many reasons, we need more evidence before we can say plant-rich diets can improve mental health,” he said
 From my own personal experience I know all too well the gut brain connection…..if I overdo the processed foods, sugary foods then my brain becomes a moosh…..if that is a word. Typically I would start to stutter again, brain fog kicks in big time, dyslexia jumps up a notch and generally I become more spangled. Ok, so these are not medical terms however they are relative to me.

What the article should have concluded in my opinion is the following……The gut is connected to the brain via the vagus nerve which runs along the spinal column. When our micro biome becomes out of sink the neurotransmitters in the gut are not produced which has an impact on how we feel. Why? Because 90% of the bodies serotonin is made in the gut, this is the stuff that make you feel happy, less anxious and 50% of our dopamine is produced in the gut, so if our gut isn’t in check then you can understand why we may feel anxious or depressed. We all know that we are told to go with your gut feeling, and this is because of the gut brain connection. Check out the Harvard article here Harvard Gut Brain Connection Not looking after your gut can lead to some serious issues such as leaky gut which can in turn be a trigger for other issues within the body, however, do not fear as help is at hand. Some basic principles are below:

  • Eat fermented foods such as Sauerkraut, Kimchi.

  • Drink fermented drinks such as Kombucha and Keifer

  • Reduce the amount of processed foods and drinks, heavy in refined sugar.

  • Take probiotics

  • Bone Broth

  • Certain additional supplements

  • Aloe Vera & Ginger are very good for soothing the gut.

Check out this awesome gut loving tea:
Combine ginger and water (and optional dried herbs) in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat; reduce to a simmer and cook, partially covered, until mixture is a dark colour and smells strongly of ginger, about 10 to 15 minutes total. Strain mixture into a mug. Stir in honey to taste and enjoy. I pimp mine up with some Peppermint Oil from Doterra which is excellent for soothing the gut.