Excellent 7 day juice plan completed! No hunger pangs or cravings and 3 kilos in weight lost. Now eating all the healthy food I can lay my hands on and have just started on the CBD oil which seems to have already eased my ongoing back and hip pain! Can't say enough good things about Simon, such a knowledgeable guy and very supportive. Highly recommend The Ginger Juicer!
Cathy Penrose
Super fast delivery. In the box not just juice. I got herbal teas, various herbal shots, náke raw fruit bars, vitamins, the plan and some great tips. Love the branding too. This really is a great way to juice. Especially for a busy commuter. Just grab and go, all the hard works done. The juices are super tasty and taste as good as freshly made. Lots of different favours to keep the plan going. My favourite was No. 6 almond milk, apples, berries, banana etc. I feel healthier, cleansed and my skin is glowing. This is my first week off the juice and I can’t face eating anything other than soup and salad. I don’t even want my beloved morning coffee! I’m drinking twice as much water too. I did struggle with the morning shots. However I managed to get them down in the evenings. I’ve also started on the CBD oil. Weight loss wasn’t my aim and I only fitted in a couple of workouts. It came as a little bonus that I’d dropped a few lbs! More importantly money can’t buy Simon’s support, knowledge and updates. He kept in touch before, during and after my juice week. Top juice, top man behind the juice. Loving your work. I’ll definitely be back...
Victoria McIntosh
Since buying the product from you both my mother and father have been taking it religiously every morning in a small glass of water and have noticed such a difference!! As you know my dad suffers from coeliac disease and all sorts of joint aches and pains, having the CBD he has found himself being able to move freely and not having to take pain relief therefore making him eat and live more according to his special dietary needs. As for my mother, she didn’t need it for anything in particular but as an overall “feel good” supplement in the morning and boy is she feeling good and more energetic! To the level that she signed up to do Dementia Walk UK in memory of my grandfather. Both mother and father are getting on great with the product and I reckon you’ll have customers for life. Thank you so very much for helping us! Not only is it a great product that everyone should be buying but you are such a passionate ambassador that made us feel comfortable and knowledgable about the product that at the time we thought we would take a risk on but now they couldn’t live without
Natasha Douglas
I took part in the 7 day juice plan with Simon in December and very much enjoyed my week. I had worried that I would feel hungry but the 4 juices a day plus shots kept me feeling full to the point where some days I didn’t feel I needed a fourth. I only really craved food on the last day. The recipes for the juices were very good and it was great to have such a large variety. There was one juice which I wasn’t such a fan of but that was because I dislike celery! I lost four pounds over the 7 days which I was very pleased about and I would like to take part in the plan again in the future
Coming from a personal training background I have always been interested in nutrition but didn’t ever juice so I was sceptical and wasn’t sure how my body would cope with less than half of the 3000Kcals per day I was used to.The week course was by no means easy but the rewards were huge! The biggest rewards were the increased energy and my psoriasis that I had had for 6 months cleared up after 9 days!This was worth every penny and we have bought our own juicer.
Will Griffiths
I really did find it much easier than I thought, especially with reagrds to hunger....was annoyed I had a flare up but am certain it was the excess of the festive season and not the juicing. I danced in my kitchen on day 2 and day 3 for an hour when I normally feel like sleeping.
Caroline Jeffrey
I went on Simon's juicing programme and was more than impressed. I've been less than happy with my weight for a few months and my mental well being. Simon's plan turned this around for the better. The plan helped rethink my habits, sleep better, made me less bloated and lose weight! 100% recommend and Simon coached me throughout
Helen Motteram
This is my 6th juice cleanse this year, Simon has really sold me on the benefits of juicing. I’ve tried 4 other cleanses from different companies, so I’ve got something to compare. 1. The support and passion is unrivalled, I’m looking forward to personalising my cleanses to my needs 2. Delivery was easy, all other cleanses have had one split bottle. 3. There’s something for everyone. Some juices are sweet, others are spicy. What never changes is they taste so fresh. 4. Price is good, considering what you receive, it’s accessible if you want to invest in your cells getting nutrients straight into them 5. The nutrients lost in freezing are tiny, no HPP is a big win. Keep doing your thing!
Karen Sands
I was really pleased to do the plan (but also pleased to get back to solids) It was a great feeling when you feel everything you have is for medicincal purposes. The pain did improve and my skin is glowing, lost 6lbs in total which is down to juicing. Thanks for all your support
Been meaning to message you for ages, thought I'd let you know that the juice cleanse has ushered in some big changes. I can basically no longer eat sugar. Its weird; having had a sweet tooth forever I now actively avoid chocolate, cakes, ice cream etc and as such have lost half a stone since coming off the cleanse. For which I feel much better - more energy, less spikes etc and generally eating a lot less. All in all I would say a massive success.
Saturday and Sunday was tough as I was out for friends for drinks but I stuck to water all night and it was fine. Mon tues and wed was in the office and found it easier in office sticking to the times. Still didn’t get used to wheatgrass.I feel great, I was a big coffee drinker and a daily latte so thought I would miss that when in fact did not miss it at all and got into my herbal tea and today stuck to herbal tea (wasn’t a big fan of herbal tea before ). Today thought also I would be diving for chocolate and again don’t seem to have an urge for junk food I was accustomed to. I have never stuck to anything before and again surprised myself I kept it up for full week. One more plus I lost 7lbs which was a nice added bonus
Louise G
Loved my week of juicing. I loved not eating. I wasn’t hungry.I immediately felt less bloated and lost inches round my middle - all the sugar I eat really bloats me.The juices were great,very tasty. I like the variety of green, orange or purple. My least fave is the garlic shot - yuk! I did struggle to poo, but that is my thing anyway. I had hoped juicing would help but it didn’t. But it wouldn’t stop me doing it again. Your ebook looks great. I’ve just downloaded it now,
Amanda F